An Open Letter to Email Marketers

Do not send any bulk
email to this domain.

To:  All senders of commercial
and/or bulk email of any kind

RE:  Multiple unwanted email messages

To Whom it may concern:

Pursuant to the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, we the members of, wish to Opt-Out our entire domains from future receipt of bulk email of any kind unless the sender requests and obtains our affirmative consent to receive same. (What does this mean?)

We have joined this list via closed-loop confirmation, a process known in your industry as “Double-Opt-In”. The very presence of our domains on this list shall constitute verification to you of our lawful desire not to receive future commercial or bulk electronic mail of any kind to any email address(es) within our domains’ namespaces until you have obtained our affirmative consent.

By joining this list we have authorized each of the other members of same to opt out our domains, on our behalf, from all senders of bulk and commercial email offers, newsletters or other content. Joining this list is not possible by anyone other than a domain registration contact, including, but not limited to, the owner, admin, technical or billing contact as further explained in this site’s FAQ pages.

You have been directed to this site so we may excercise our rights to Internet-based opt-out as provided by CAN-SPAM. We are members of this list due to the receipt of multiple, duplicate unwanted email messages sent to multiple addresses within our domains. It is too burdensome, as well as unreliable, to attempt to opt out multiple email addresses via existing opt-out mechanisms, so we elect to publicly opt out our entire domains at this Internet Web Site.

If you are an email address list provider, broker, leasing agent, email marketer or anyone who sends bulk email of any kind, please remove all email addresses belonging to the domain names here from your list(s) as required by the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. You must stop sending electronic mail that falls within the scope of this request within ten (10) days -OR- at the very least, ASK OUR PERMISSION before continuing to send email to the member domains of this list.


The members of

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